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-Name: casey

-Location: gresham, oregon

-Sex: vag

-Age: 15

-Sexual Orientation (aka rug muncher, butt dart champ, or straight arrow): straight as an arrow with rug muching tendencies. just kidding.

-5 Favorite Movies: THE WEDDING SINGER, anchorman, young frankenstein, requiem for a dream, bowling for columbine.

-5 Favorite Bands: this is hard. nekromantix, misfits, tiger army, the varukers, horrorpops? i heart psychobilly.

-5 Favorite Books: i don't read much. young frankenstein..go ask alice..magazines..

-Favorite Color: i have a lot. pale pink and seafoam green are a few faves.

-Favorite Quote: " where'd you get your clothes...the toilet store?" brick - anchorman

-Your Life Goal: to become a member of this community.

-Who Do you Idolize: ron jeremy. all that sex and he never got tired..until he died.

-"Front" this community to another community or livejournal of someone (the codes in our info page) and then give us that community/el jay's name: godshammit. i don't know how forgive me krista loo!

-How do you feel about chicken feet(go into detail)? depends, they make a supurb snack but have a gross scaly texture. ok i'm not funny i'll stop.

-Lockers that smell bad (go into detail)? mine always smells bad. so i can't be all like frontin like i aint got a smelly one and shit.

-What shampoo do you use? PLACENTA! no just joking. citre shine.

-3 Pictures of yourself (more if you'd like):

just call me casper. actually don't i'll kick your ass.

be gentle..

oh and please join my community it's called colorful_crayon

gracias senors y senoritas.
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