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now I'm the camera whore... and guess what.. I like it.

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my beauty.
i love you.
and our ears.
yeah, they're awesome.
my mom asked and all she said was "...why?"
and then i said. "i don't care what you think! I DO WHAT I WANT!"
hahahaha, was it time for another seizure?
hahahahahah YES YES YES I DID IT TO HER!!!!!@#!@# hahaha.
we were at rite aid getting my prescription and she was talking and i just dropped and started acting like i was having a seizure and she looked at me and started laughing and then tried to run away and she ran into a shelf and all these pads and tampons and KY jelly fell off hahahahahaha omg so i started cracking up and ran off. haha if she was going to bail on me i was going to bail on her. I made sure to point, laugh, and grab a few boxes an throw them before i did, though. it was seriously one of the funniest things ever. hahahaha. <3.
hahahahahha you are so awesome.
pretty plugs and pretty eyes :)
aww. my goodness Krista, your extremly beautiful. i was jealous of you in the summer, because of jon and everything(sorry),..but wow, i didnt know you were THIS gorgeous... aww.. OK, sorry im done. :-)
love the ears.
you guys rule. all of you. muahahaha RULEEEEE

thank you very much.
did someone take a shit in ur earlobe cause it sure looks like it. ps i like # one it looks like ur sucking a teachers dick.
You really need to find some better insults. Your current choice of vocabulary, yeah, it makes no sense at all.

i like her earlobes, shit in them or not. and maybe we all like her loking like shes sucking a teachers dick, much better looking than if she were to suck yours.

P.S. since when were you involved in this community?
thats what I thought, dickhole.
by loking, i ment looking*

i cant spell that word for the life of me lately. every time i try.